Featured Videos

  • Welcome to Zinnia

    Welcome to Zinnia, better programming for people living with dementia. Crafted by artists and based on scientific research, our videos are beautiful, slow paced, easy to see and easy to process. They draw people in with a subtle internal logic that moves through time and place without the burden ...

  • What Do I Like?

    Quickly determine people's interests and aversions with this sampler of engaging Zinnia TV videos.

  • Food - Indian

    India's cuisine is beloved worldwide and varies substantially due to the country’s diverse soil, climate, religions, cultures and traditions. (with music)

  • Popcorn Facts - with narration

    Join us for interesting facts about popcorn — a variety of corn kernel which expands and puffs up when heated to make a crunchy treat that's beloved the world over. (with narration, captions, faces, sounds and music)

  • Watch with Allyson - Dogs, Cats and Babies

    Allyson leads 40 minutes of discussion, stretching, singing and engagement in this special watch-along video.

  • Let's Talk About Winter Fun

    A gentle way to start a conversation about beloved winter activities. (with gentle music)

  • World Waterfalls

    Waterfalls inspire great calm and are truly one of the most wondrous sights to visit, no matter where you are in the world. Here we explore stunning cascades that span the globe, including Mexico, Iceland, Croatia, Norway and more. (with gentle music, some live sound and location captions)

  • Babies Playing

    Babies from 0 -12 months old enjoy their earliest experiences of learning and discovery through play. (with music and sounds)

  • Just Fun

    Daily laughter keeps us healthy and happy. These videos of people and animals being silly and having fun should be part of the daily habit. (with music)