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  • Itadakimasu 頂きます

    ここでは、温かいものから冷たいものまで、さまざまな日本料理を楽しむことができてありがたいです。 (音楽、音声、日本語字幕付き)
    We are grateful to enjoy a variety of Japanese dishes here, from hot to cold. (music, voice, with some subtitles in Japanese)

  • German and English • Wasser Trinken mit freundliche nachrichten (Drink Water)

    Ermutigen Sie die Zuschauer, hydriert zu bleiben, indem Sie einer Vielzahl von Menschen und Tieren beim Wassertrinken zusehen und direkte freundliche Coaching-Nachrichten von Sarah auf Englisch und Deutsch hören. (mit Musik und Soundeffekten)

    Encourage viewers to stay hydrated by watching a vari...

  • Spanish Sing-Along with Miriam • ¡Canta con Miriam en Español!

    Miriam Picó de nos dirige mientras todos cantamos tres canciones clásicas en Español: "Solamente una Vez" de Agustín Lara, "Bésame Mucho" de Consuelo Velásquez, y "Cielito Lindo" de Quirino Mendoza y Cortés.
    ( contiene subtítulos de las canciones)

    In Spanish, Miriam Pi...

  • French • Nommez ces Animaux Exotiques (Name These Exotic Animals)

    Ici, vous pouvez deviner le nom de ces animaux sauvages du monde entier. Des indices apparaissent sous forme de texte sur les images d'animaux, accompagnés de la musique du pays d'origine des animaux.

    Here you can guess the name of these wild animals from around the world. Clues appear as text o...

  • Malay • Apakah Perkataan Itu? (What is That Word?)

    Mereka yang hidup dengan dementia yang berbahasa Melayu dan masih gemar membaca boleh meneka nama objek dan haiwan dalam permainan kata mudah ini.

    (Video ini didedikasikan untuk rakan usaha sama Sharifah dan ibunya.)

    People with dementia who speak Malay and still love to read can guess the name...

  • Cantonese & English • 喝水 (Drink Water)

    Encourage viewers to stay hydrated by watching a variety of people and animals drink water, as well as hearing direct friendly coaching messages from Lilly in both English and Cantonese. (with music and sound effects)
    通過觀看其他人享用清涼飲料來鼓勵觀眾喝水。 (有英語和粵語的友好指導,音樂,音效。)

  • Cantonese • 喝水 粤语 (Drink Water)

    Encourage viewers to drink water by watching others enjoy refreshing beverages. (With friendly messages in Cantonese, music and sound effects.)

  • Cantonese • 使用卫生间 (Use the Toilet)


    We coach people through the steps of using the toilet. (In Cantonese)

  • Chinese New Year with Greetings in Cantonese & English

    Receive good wish messages in both English & Cantonese as we celebrate Chinese New Year. (with greeting messages, faces and music)