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  • Get Ready to Shower

  • Men Get Dressed

    Get your gentleman in the mood to get dressed by watching others don shirts, ties, jackets - and sometimes - pants! (with jazz music and faces)

  • Get Ready for Lunch

    Get in the mood to eat by watching a variety of typical lunch foods and the people who are enjoying eating them. (with gentle guitar music and faces)

  • Bike Jumps & Tricks

    Young bike riders show off their trick skills by doing Wheelies, Bunny Hops, 360s, Barspins, Backflips and more. (with upbeat music and people)

  • Mountain Biking

    Mountain biking is an off-road bicycle sport where people ride on rough terrain such as mountain paths, desert trails and rocks and snow. Here we enjoy a variety of terrains with both casual riders and professional competition mountain bikers who take on difficult courses with specially designed ...

  • Road Biking

    As the name implies, road cycling takes place on paved roadways. Here we enjoy cylists moving through a variety of settings including forests, highways, and mountain roads. (with music and people)

  • The Heart of Paris

    Enjoy Paris’s most popular sights as we move through quintessential Parisian neighbourhoods, galleries, churches and historical landmarks. (with music, sounds and people)

  • Sewing

    Watch and listen as people sew all kinds of projects, from dresses to dress suits. (with music, sounds, and people's faces) Dedicated to our friend and former seamstress Mrs Kim.

  • Let’s Watch with Allyson - Spring Flowers & Poem

  • Let's Watch With Allyson - Bees, Birds & Butterflies

    Join Allyson for a longer engagement experience, where she leads us in stretching and discussing three Zinnia videos about creatures that fly: bees, birds, and butterflies. (with music, sounds, and simulated presence therapy.)

  • Ireland

    Also known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland has an abundance of green landscapes, castles, a passion for sport, and a proud literary heritage. (with faces, music, sounds)

  • Cliffs of Moher

    In County Clare, Ireland you'll find these spectacular cliffs at the southwestern edge of the Burren region. They are home to 20 different bird species and a wide range of flora and fauna. (with music, sounds, a few people, and a donkey.)

  • White Cliffs

    Relax as we drift by blue-white cliffs along the water. (with serene music, no people)

  • India - Northern India

    Join us to explore Northern India. We start with an elephant ride through Amer Palace Fort in Jaipur, visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, traverse the busy streets of Delhi, visit the sacred Ganges River in Varanasi, see Udaipur, Jodhpur, the Pushkar camel fair, and more. (with music, faces and sounds)

  • India - Southern India

    Join us to explore Southern India. We explore ruins, temples and customs, a wedding celebration, cities, coastal areas, the fishing trade, and more. (with music, faces and sounds)

  • Watch with Allyson - Growing Veggies & Farm

    Allyson leads 30 minutes of discussion, stretching, breathing and engagement in this special watch-along video.

  • Tranquility - 50m Playlist

  • Sleepy Animals

    Relax with animals who are all tuckered out and ready to snooze. (with gentle music, no faces)

  • Favorite Pets - 1h 29m Playlist

  • Enjoying Nature - 1h 49m Playlist

  • Faith
    25 items


    25 items

    Invite comfort, guidance and blessings from your divine source.

  • Steamboat Willy

    This 1928 American animated short film by Walt Disney Studios is one of the most influential cartoons ever made. Steamboat Willie was the debut of both Mickey and Minnie Mouse and one of the first cartoons to have synchronized sound. (with original sound)

  • Let's Relax 1 - 3h 15m Playlist