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  • 4th of July

    Celebrate America's independence. On July 4, 1776, the 13 American colonies declared themselves to be independent states and no longer under British rule. (with music and people's faces)

  • Japanese • Celebrate Sakura Season 桜の季節を祝う

    Viewing cherry blossoms has been a national pastime in Japan since the 8th century. An awareness of their impermanence is known in Japan as “mono no aware.” The blossoms remind us that nothing in this world is permanent, and that we should be fully present in the moment to witness and appreciate ...

  • Chinese New Year

    Celebrate many Chinese New Year activities: putting up decorations, watching lion or dragon dances, offering sacrifices to ancestors, eating a family reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, giving red envelopes and other gifts and finally, fireworks. (with faces and music)

  • Cantonese & English • Chinese New Year with Greetings

    Receive good wish messages in both English & Cantonese as we celebrate Chinese New Year. (with greeting messages, faces and music)

  • Christmas Bible Reading - Three Wise Men

    A reading from the Book of Matthew, Chapter 2 - The Three Wise Men. (with narration, music and faces)

  • Christmas - Cats at Christmas

    Families enjoy the holidays with beloved cats and kitties. (with music, faces, sounds)

  • Christmas - Dogs at Christmas

    Families enjoy the holidays with several breeds of beloved dogs. (with music, faces, sounds)

  • Christmas - Holiday Flavors

    Reminisce about your favorite holiday flavors while visions of turkey dinners, chocolate logs, and sugar plums dance on your screen. (with music, no faces)

  • Christmas - Holiday Tree

    Celebrate the season by trimming the tree and seeing the delight on young faces. (with music)

  • Christmas - Let's Talk About Christmas

    Cuddle up by the fire with with someone special and a hot cup of something and start a conversation about a few Christmas traditions.

  • Christmas Sing-Along with Mary Sue Wilkinson

    Mary Sue Wilkinson of Singing Heart to Heart leads up in a festive sing-along of Christmas classics: Jingle Bells, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Go Tell It On The Mountain, Deck the Halls, Away in a Manger, Up on the Housetop, Silent Night, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

  • Christmas Sing-along with Paul

    Musician Paul Delorme lifts our spirits and leads us in singing Angels We Have Heard on High and Silent Night. (with lyric captions)

  • Easter Fun

    Relive the joys of Easter with these kids as they decorate eggs, feed and pet rabbits and hop around in search of chocolate. (with music)

  • Halloween

    Relive the joys of being a kid at Halloween: getting dressed up in a costume, trick or treating, and celebrating with friends. (with playful music)

  • Hannukah - 8th Night of Hannukah

    Adina and Fran lead us to sing the prayers that celebrate the 8th night of Hannukah. (with singing and faces)

  • Hanukkah

    We celebrate Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, with tradition, prayer, family, food, and fun. (with music, sounds and faces)

  • Hanukkah - Dradel Songs

    Join Adina to sing two Dradel songs for Hanukkah. (with singing and a person's face)

  • Hanukkah - Let's Talk About Hanukkah

    Discuss Hanukkah foods, games, blessings and traditions. (with music, sounds and faces)

  • Happy Birthday Sing-Along

    Celebrate that special person on their special day with Wendy and Allyson, as we sing along to Happy Birthday.

    The tune was written in 1893 by Kentucky sisters Mildred and Patty Hill for Patty's kindergarten students, as a song titled "Good Morning To All." The birthday version was created late...

  • In Flanders Fields - Read Along Poem

    This Read-Along of John McCrae’s poem In Flanders Fields honors those who fought in battle and those who died. This WWI poem was the inspiration for people in Commonwealth Countries to wear a poppy on November 11th. (with music, sounds, voice and captions)

  • Let's Talk About Thanksgiving

    Pull up a chair to share in stories of Thanksgiving's bounty, including the food, the friends, the family, and the fun. (With music and conversation-starter questions.)

  • Thanksgiving

    Share the joys of Thanksgiving Day with food (mostly food!) and a few family activities. (with music)

  • Thanksgiving Day

    We enjoy Thanksgiving, from the bounty of the harvest to washing up at the end of the night. (with music and sounds)

  • Thanksgiving Day Read-Along

    Join in to read the messages and quotes about thanksgiving as we enjoy images of this profound day of gratitude. (with music and speaking)